Oops, we did it again! Drexel just got EVEN bigger.

We are pleased to announce the opening of our second warehouse in London, Ontario, with even more room to grow! In addition to our warehouse at 100 Kellogg Lane, we now have a second location to call home at 1005 Wilton Grove RD. There is an additional 175,000 square feet of space, equipped to hold 15,000 pallets, with the potential of adding another 350,000 square feet of space in the near future.

It’s not just our space that’s growing, it’s also our team. We have created 20+ new jobs in London, Ontario as a result of our expansion and are hiring for multiple positions with a wide range of skills ranging from Order Pickers to Shippers & Receivers. We are looking for energetic, motivated, and committed people to join our team. See our latest job opportunities at Drexel.ca/careers.

By expanding our business, we will continue to provide excellent customer service to both our existing and new customers.

Do you want your product to reach more customers? We can help! Get in touch with our team – 1.833.DREXEL.1 or info@drexel.ca.

Drexel Industries is one of the hottest logistics businesses in London

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Located in the former Kellogg site, Drexel Industries is one of the hottest logistics businesses in London and is expanding into Brose, while keeping its Kellogg space.

There is about 2,300 square metres of warehouse space at Kellogg. Brose is 16,000 square metres and an additional 32,500 square metres is being added in a two-phase expansion, with Drexel taking all of it, Salmon said.

Drexel Industries Expands to Meet Growing Demand

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Fulfilling expectations

WITH FRONT-PORCH AND lobby deliveries ­providing not just goods but an element of hope and excitement during lockdowns, a London logistics company is expanding to a second location to handle demand.

For a decade, third-party logistics (3PL) business Drexel Industries has stored and shipped goods for a variety of online retailers — ­essentially the Amazon model for dozens of retailers, including Costco, Walmart, Best Buy, Canadian Tire and even Amazon itself.

It operates from a 300,000-square-foot space at 100 Kellogg Lane, former home of the cereal company. It is the creation of Jason Salmon, whose wife, Jennifer, is VP of business development and whose sister, Tara, is CFO.

“It started in my garage,” Salmon recalls. “I started as a wholesaler, selling to online retailers. We started by selling floor scrubbers, learned a lot and began to expand.”

From his garage, he moved to various self-storage spaces, then to an 8,000-square-foot facility, then to 35,000-square feet, then to his current space. Salmon’s landlord throughout has been E&E McLaughlin, so he knew where to turn when he realized he needed still more space.

“We started by selling floor scrubbers, learned a lot and began to expand” —Jason Salmon

Later this year, Drexel will open a second location on Wilton Grove Road. It has been home to auto parts maker Brose. “Brose is relocating this summer. In July, we can start renovations. We’ll have 150,000 square feet initially, but the site could handle an expansion of 350,000 square feet in the future.”

It’s a safe bet the company will need that extra space one day.

At Kellogg, the company has 20 shipping docks and a steady stream of trucks delivering goods and couriers picking up. Its primary courier is FedEx, “but we use them all. We’re one of the biggest local shippers.”

Fulfilling expectations Drexel Logistics

When someone scrolls through the Best Buy website late at night, settling on an espresso machine or laptop, Drexel is involved immediately. It receives an electronic data interchange (EDI), the language of e-commerce. Although the buyer gets emails and updates from Best Buy, it’s actually Drexel running the show, keeping the buyer updated on the delivery, ­retrieving it from a warehouse shelf, and sending it off to its destination as quickly as possible.

The company has both a VP of business intelligence in charge of I.T. and a separate EDI analyst, among many tech folks. There are about 90 employees in London, many of whom patrol the warehouse assembling orders. There’s another dozen or so in Toronto and Vancouver doing sales work. The company expects to hire about 20 ­people when it expands this summer.

Although its provisions of 3PL ­services has grown rapidly during the pandemic, it’s not the only thing Drexel does. It also sources products and sells them directly to retailers. That wholesale function slowed considerably when many stores closed or limited customer access in the last year. But it’s an area Salmon is confident will rebound post-pandemic.

“We’ve got two full-time product people looking for items retailers will want when we come out of this. We’re looking for table games and other things for inside the home. I think it will be like the Roaring Twenties, with people who have saved money getting out for holidays and shopping.”

If this summer’s expansion isn’t enough, Drexel is also aiming south of the border, dipping its toe in the massive market in the coming months. It will ship from here, taking advantage of an $800 exception for any taxes or duty. When volume increases, it plans to open a U.S. warehouse. Fulfilling expectations Drexel Logistics Christopher Clark

Drexel Named a MultiChannel Merchant Top 3PL for the second year in a row.

London, Ontario, January 1, 2021 – For the second year in a row, Drexel Industries has been named a MCM Top 3PL provider for 2021, joining dozens of other leading third-party logistics providers selected by Multichannel Merchant in its sixth annual directory.

3PLs (third party logistics providers), already growing in importance prior to COVID-19, have seen significant growth in 2020 as the massive shift to ecommerce fuels significant demand for outsourced fulfillment and logistics operations. This unique resource from Multichannel Merchant is a searchable directory that can be sorted by various criteria, and helps ecommerce and DTC companies vet qualified, experienced 3PLs.

“Ecommerce and DTC merchants need experienced, qualified 3PL partners as they handle unprecedented growth in their online business, and lack the internal resources or expertise,” said Mike O’Brien, Senior Content Manager of Multichannel Merchant. “Each company has been selected based on their industry experience, services offered, performance and range of capabilities.”

The company profiles in the MCM Top 3PL directory include vital information to help merchants in their selection process, including key services, average annual client order volume, top merchandise categories handled, facility locations and more. The directory is available throughout the year.

“We are extremely excited to be recognized by MCM as a top 3PL service provider for the second year in a row”, said Jason Salmon, President of Drexel Industries. “Our customers view us as an integral partner in their businesses ensuring they can focus their time on growth, customer service, and allow the Drexel team to focus on inventory control and order fulfilment.”.

About Multichannel Merchant

Multichannel Merchant reaches key decision makers responsible for ecommerce, management, marketing and operations at companies that sell merchandise through multiple channels — including ecommerce, mobile, social, and catalog.

Multichannel Merchant delivers original research, as well as in-depth analysis of trends and best practices, news, tactical/how-to, executive summaries, technology and supplier comparisons, to help companies sell & deliver products wherever and whenever the customer wants them – at home, work, store or other locations.

About Drexel Industries

Drexel Industries is a wholesale distribution and 3rd party logistics service provider that connects homes to a variety of products and services throughout Canada and the USA. 

Drexel Industries Announces Drexel.ca Gets a Facelift!

London, Ontario – May 24, 2018 — Drexel Industries announced the launch of a new, redesigned version of its website, www.drexel.ca. Key features of the site include a cleaner and more attractive design, a more engaging user experience with enhanced search and navigation.

Drexel Warehousing Operations Moves To Seven Days Per Week and Announces Same-day Shipping Convenience through PigeonShip Crowdsourcing

On Demand Deliveries Made Incredibly Easy…And Fast!


London, Ontario and Provo, Utah – May 23, 2018 — Launching August 1, 2018 Drexel Industries, a leading Wholesale Distributor and 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) service provider announced today same-day deliveries powered by PigeonShip, a crowdsourcing provider of same-day delivery and returns for omnichannel retailers, local businesses and e-commerce customers within the Province of Ontario. In conjunction with same-day delivery capabilities, Drexel’s warehousing operations will increase to seven days per week to ensure expedited order fulfilment. The same-day delivery service and expanded operating times are designed to better meet customer expectations as the omnichannel shopping experience continues to expand and e-commerce customers demand instant delivery gratification.

“Drexel is now providing consumers and businesses alike with the type of service customers expect in today’s fast paced retail environment. “What our customers and strategic partners need is instant order fulfilment,” said Jason Salmon, President of Drexel Industries, he continued “The faster we can deliver, the greater the level of customer satisfaction. It’s no longer a nice to have…it’s a need to have!”

PigeonShip remains committed to helping e-commerce business owners improve their ordering processes while preventing customers from patronizing their competitors. With PigeonShip’s unique delivery solution, we ensure customers’ time-sensitive packages arrive at their door step same day even in the last mile.

“Retail is undergoing a rapid transformation,” said Jared Overton, CEO of PigeonShip, “To exceed our customers’ increasing expectations, we continue to enhance omnichannel shopping experiences and e-commerce order fulfilment by adding same-day delivery capabilities to our partners arsenal of tools. Growing in-store pickup and drop ship programs allows customers to better leverage retail locations as distribution hubs and serve their customers faster and more efficiently.”

Drexel and PigeonShip technology enables Omnichannel customers’ to select the delivery times and locations that work best for them while being able to track their purchases in real-time.

Drexel Warehousing Operations Moves To Seven Days Per Week and Announces Same-day Shipping Convenience through PigeonShip Crowdsourcing

London, Ontario – May 24, 2018 — Drexel Industries announced the launch of a new, redesigned version of its website, www.drexel.ca. Key features of the site include a cleaner and more attractive design, a more engaging user experience with enhanced search and navigation.

Drexel Industries Announces Board of Advisors Chaired by Michael Abram

Drexel’s Board of Advisors is a diverse and talented group of innovative leaders with a track record of building successful brands from the ground up.

Drexel Industries Expands National Sales Team

Drexel Industries, a leading provider of consumer electronics and mobility devices, today announced it has expanded its Sales team under the direction of JD Abram, Vice President of Sales.