Drexel just got a whole lot bigger.

We are excited to announce the newest addition to our home at 100 Kellogg Lane in London, Ontario – the ICC Room! In addition to our 300,000 square foot warehouse space, we have expanded into the original Kellogg’s Factory Inventory Control Center. Our expansion includes an additional 26,000 square feet of space, with 88’ high ceilings, and is equipped to store 4,900 more pallets.

The ICC Room was once used to store raw ingredients for making Kellogg’s cereal. The raw ingredients would be stored here and then get picked from an automated forklift, via conveyor, to the room where they baked the cereal.  The baking room is now home to 100Kellogg’s “The Factory”.

We are thrilled to give London’s historic Kellogg factory a new purpose with Drexel. We have begun to load pallets in our new room, and we will look to fill capacity within the next month.

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Conveyor belt in Drexel warehouse Drexel Industries ICC Room