We help you realize the full power of ecommerce

With our drop shipping and order fulfillment services, it's easy to start your ecommerce business or sell through a trusted retailer. We deliver a turnkey process designed for your convenience—lowering your upfront costs, enabling scalability and removing the burden of supply chain management.

Delivering Confidence One Order at a Time

By partnering with Drexel you can leverage our advanced logistics capabilities and strong retail partnerships to reach more customers. Rest assured that your products will arrive on time, as expected, thanks to same-day shipping and 100% inventory accuracy. We'll even handle any returns on your behalf. If you want to succeed in today's competitive marketplace, you need a partner who can support your business with robust order fulfillment capabilities. Consumers expect a swift and hassle-free experience without surprises. At Drexel that's exactly what we deliver.

How It Works

We work hard behind the scenes, so you and your customers are
treated to a seamless experience

  • 1. Warehousing

    We securely store and track your inventory

  • 2. Order Fulfillment

    We process orders and deliver to end customers

  • 3. Payment

    You get paid automatically via wire transfer or EFT

From Our Customers

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Strong Customer Service

Through our partners to the North we are now available at several national retailers. We strongly recommend Drexel for their excellent customer service and turnkey service offering.

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Allen Sports USA

Great Collaboration

Strategically partnered with Drexel Industries within North America, we have grown our business and expanded our reach internationally through this great collaboration.

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Stamina Products

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