Drexel Warehousing Operations Moves To Seven Days Per Week and Announces Same-day Shipping Convenience through PigeonShip Crowdsourcing

On Demand Deliveries Made Incredibly Easy…And Fast!


London, Ontario and Provo, Utah – May 23, 2018 — Launching August 1, 2018 Drexel Industries, a leading Wholesale Distributor and 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) service provider announced today same-day deliveries powered by PigeonShip, a crowdsourcing provider of same-day delivery and returns for omnichannel retailers, local businesses and e-commerce customers within the Province of Ontario. In conjunction with same-day delivery capabilities, Drexel’s warehousing operations will increase to seven days per week to ensure expedited order fulfilment. The same-day delivery service and expanded operating times are designed to better meet customer expectations as the omnichannel shopping experience continues to expand and e-commerce customers demand instant delivery gratification.

“Drexel is now providing consumers and businesses alike with the type of service customers expect in today’s fast paced retail environment. “What our customers and strategic partners need is instant order fulfilment,” said Jason Salmon, President of Drexel Industries, he continued “The faster we can deliver, the greater the level of customer satisfaction. It’s no longer a nice to have…it’s a need to have!”

PigeonShip remains committed to helping e-commerce business owners improve their ordering processes while preventing customers from patronizing their competitors. With PigeonShip’s unique delivery solution, we ensure customers’ time-sensitive packages arrive at their door step same day even in the last mile.

“Retail is undergoing a rapid transformation,” said Jared Overton, CEO of PigeonShip, “To exceed our customers’ increasing expectations, we continue to enhance omnichannel shopping experiences and e-commerce order fulfilment by adding same-day delivery capabilities to our partners arsenal of tools. Growing in-store pickup and drop ship programs allows customers to better leverage retail locations as distribution hubs and serve their customers faster and more efficiently.”

Drexel and PigeonShip technology enables Omnichannel customers’ to select the delivery times and locations that work best for them while being able to track their purchases in real-time.