The Future of Camping is Here

Drexel is excited to launch Tentsile Tree Tents, designed by architect Alex Shirley-Smith. Put away the air mattresses and choose this eco-friendly, affordable, lightweight and portable tree tent product to experience true wilderness comfort.

Suspended with three anchor points between trees, this usable space will elevate your camping experience. We loved our test experience and recognize the high quality along with so many well-considered details.

These colourful tree tents have a fully enclosed insect mesh roof and removable rain fly sheets. They are designed to be suspended, therefore offering reassurance against unwanted bugs and snakes. If the weather is dry, these tents can be pitched on the ground like a conventional tent, although much more fun and very comfortable to be suspended a few feet off the bumpy ground.

The Tentsile tree tents offer convenient and instant set-up and come with an instruction manual. They are built to last and are receiving rave reviews from users.

Drexel is proud to be a strategic partner with Tentsile Tree Tents and pleased to support an exciting product that leaves no ecological footprint or negative environmental impact. Whether you are setting out on an expedition, camping trip or interested in supporting humanitarian relief efforts, contact Drexel to arrange purchase of your own treehouse that you can take anywhere.